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Sisense provides APIs and additional developer tools that let you interact with the Sisense platform.

These tools give you more options and flexibility for managing, enhancing and customizing the functionality and user experience of the Sisense platform.

To learn more, check out the available APIs and tools below.


JavaScript API

Use the JavaScript API to enhance your Sisense experience. Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • Build new types of widgets
  • Tweak out-of-the-box visualizations to match the exact look and feel you need
  • Apply custom formatting



With the REST API, you can perform many of the tasks available from the web interface, as well as additional advanced tasks. Tasks include:

  • Managing ElastiCubes
  • Managing users and user groups
  • White labeling and branding
  • Updating user roles


More Tools

ElastiCube Plugins

Plugins let you add additional functionality to your ElastiCube builds, by adding .NET or Python code at the beginning and/or end of an ElastiCube build. Here are some examples:

  • Copy csv files from a remote location to your local machine before running an ElastiCube build.
  • Manipulate and rename csv or Excel files before importing them into the ElastiCube.
  • Send emails after a build finishes.



With the SQL Runner, you can extract data from ElastiCubes. You can use either the built-in SQL Runner, or your own tools to extract data and see the returned results.


Sisense Shell (PSM.EXE)

With the Sisense Shell, you can execute ElastiCube-related commands using the Windows command line. Examples include:

  • Building an ElastiCube
  • Starting and stopping the ElastiCube
  • Changing a data source in the ElastiCube


Need more info?

Sisense Documentation

Sisense Support

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  1. Anonymous

    Is there a way to create a new EC from an existing EC on nightly basis in V5.8?

    1. If you are referring to a new build of the same ElastiCube, you can schedule automatic builds, or you can use the REST API call /elasticubes/{server}/{elasticube}/startBuild